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Mind Take Over IG Style: Gilda Ambrosio

There’s no need to say that Instagram is sucking our lives and we could fall easily into the scrolling vicious infinity hole of Instagram, however sometimes we find it very useful, you can learn layer something new, and your mind can take over the mic from how much content it is and start taking notes! This time, the scroll is in Gilda Ambrosio IG page.


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Is it Summer yet!? This one making it official for me! For that I want to style my oversize vintage denim jacket with a striped skirt, wrap it with a white tee and rock the streets. mirror shades make it A++.

masa - 5

I can see this top as a slip dress but even better! wear a tee under it, ensemble it with cropped flare jeans buckled with a belt that I/ You have to notice.


Speaking of slip dresses, here you can add the last denim jacket with the tee and slip the dress over and go, all right! #ShadesofCream


masa - 7


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She’s Taking a nap in style because it’s the only way to take it, with sunnies from another world, slides from Wang, paired with the same flared cropped jeans for a comfy/ statement  factor. 

masa - 10

I won’t overthink summer now because I’ve got Birks to wear daily and need a spring coat to wear anything underneath it and be ready. #WhatARelief 



If you still having troubles in taking an outfit selfie, here’s the right way: right foot in front of the other, lean back, tuck your hair and cover half of your face for some mystery! #LayerEverything


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masa - 9

How many colors she’d wear in one outfit? does it matter? think about the details instead, earnings, cuffing track pants, pointy slides, a statement coat and a pink elephant.

She’s like taking everything from the runway but at the same time you feel like she takes none! that’s what call Style!


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masa - 1

It’s all in the attitude. And in a Levi’s vintage jean.

masa - 1 (1)

Stack rings, watches ain’t dead yet —the older the better— put some balls on ears, big shades, BOOM!”



Outer wear could be everything, as it could go from a statement fur coat to spring coat to jackets, base jeans and white tee with different shoes and coat, now I feel fresh, just like an Italian.


masa - 12


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