minimalist bedroom decor ideas

I’m Here for The Minimalist Bedroom Decor Ideas

Hi, wanna ask, which day is today? never mind, because it’s one of those days that I’m so focused on my new bedroom decoration project, so I’m excited, it’s an exciting day!

A bedroom is where you relax, energize forget about work, and refresh after a long busy quarantine day in your home office where you’re trying to accomplish your to-do list every day. That’s why considering renovation, or adding little new details to your bedroom will give a refreshing feel, and I promise you will enjoy the process. Plus, there’s no better time. 

That’s why I’m sharing my Pinterest secret bedroom decor ideas folder here. A rustic modern feel with Parisian art deco touches is where I’m heading. It feels minimal, but the number of details in each space truly makes my heart skip a beat. Interested in some gorgeous minimalist bedroom decor ideas? below some advices you can gather to make it work in your space.

Think natural materials

As these rooms may look a little advanced or feel like “how I’m going to integrate such things in my rental space?” The answer is always in the materials of the objects you use. Cane, stone, marble, raw wood, and linen are some you should consider incorporating in your space. A grouping of some of these materials and finishes will either build cohesion or contrast.

Think about walls

Whitewashed spaces are my go-to for that Scandinavian feel. Sometimes textured pink and beige walls come and break all my rules, but I always go back to pure white. It will give a cozy effect for the place and a clean canvas to start building on.

Go crazy in one corner

Have a wall that is missing something? go crazy and build an arch or a window seating area. If it’s too much work for you, think of 1980s-inspired curved furniture or shelving space. The mid-century effect will add balance to the space since you have some angular furniture in the room.

Paradoxes all the way

Just like clothes, layer something soft to clash with another weighted. Use different bedside tables, asymmetry of the little details in scale, shape, and type draw the eyes to space. Purchase an abstract work like rustic, quintessential pieces; and mix and match colors to create visual interest.


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