Miu Miu Resort 2015

Well, this Resort is precious to my heart, why? first, it’s starring Natalie Westling, two, the shots by the incredible Jamie Hawkesworth, who mixed the nature and architecture inspirations with the traditional fashion campaign shots, and that made a wonderful inspiring image and campaign in the end, I mean, I literally can see fashion in the left side of the images and how it’s translated to the right side and made a whole meaningful shot. 

miumiu-resort-2015_fashion-paradoxes (2)

The thing is, I was thinking about that collage thing, and how I can see fashion in architectural buildings , art pieces, landscapes and nature, and how everyone too is doing this at this moment makes me so… alive! Even me started to take shots like that, and yes it’s blurry, because I see those things by accident and shoot it fast with my iPhone camera, but it has the message and the feeling after all, I’ll post it here soon.

miumiu-resort-2015_fashion-paradoxes (4)

miumiu-resort-2015_fashion-paradoxes (3)

So What do you think about the whole thing? bringing everything together, and knowing that every aspect of our lives is touching fashion in a way or another and can be translated to your own thing, after all, that’s what art is all about.

Natalie Wesling for Miu Miu resort 2015 campaign, shots by Jamie Hawkesworth.

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