Coffee Table Decor Ideas

Modern Coffee Table Decor Ideas That Suit 2020

I sketch objects in my free time. Coffee tables are one of the objects I love to create because there is a lack of options around me/ the prices are too high, so I try to fill this gap by sketching some coffee table decor ideas I want in my life. 

When I chose a coffee table for the new living area, I went with a black round one with strong defined legs that will be a solid feature in an all-white/beige living room. The next step is styling the coffee table, so I went to the most useful for the feel I’m going with, aka Pinterest, who won’t go there for interior inspirations. 

See the slideshow for more coffee table decor ideas.


General coffee table decoration tips

Keep in mind these general tips on how to arrange a coffee table: 

  1. Think about the color story of your space and decide whether you’ll mirror it or clash with the coffee table decoration.

  2. The decoration of a coffee table is an intelligent mix of books, trays, unique figures, candles, trays, unexpected objects, flowers, and some greenery.

  3. Look at the table from an eye bird, and follow your senses.

  4. When in doubt, accessorize with sculptures. It never fails.

Go for heavy when furniture is light

Heavy looking materials add texture to a minimal place. Go for a raw stone look with softer legs look that balance the design.

How to style: vary in the sizes of the books placed on the coffee table. Unite with one object to refresh the pattern.

Go for an ottoman instead of a table

Go for an ottoman with an unusual pattern than the rest of the room.
Or maybe two stools combined to form the table.

How to style: to style an ottoman, place a bowl of plants, a stack of books, a small to a medium silver tray to securely hold a decorative object on it, you can add flowers for more glamour.

Go for a glass-topped table

If you’re into showcasing more decoration, then choose a glass-topped table. It can be sufficient in carrying all your needs.

How to style: choose two shapes of treys to add on each shelve of the table. Place what you most enjoy like drinks, candles, and books in them. Add decorative flowers and stack of books to the other corners.

Go for sculptured table with raw stones legs

This coffee table complements the natural characteristics in the space due to the legs’ shape.

How to style: Accent the table with coffee table books if needed. Two to three stacks of books with different heights will be perfect.

Go for a mid-century touch

The style makes all the difference. Search for a mid-century vintage piece and add to your living room, it will accentuate the place.

How to style: Eye-catching sculptural items will add a fresh and clean look.

Go for a marble table

Marble is a great choice when it comes to choosing your coffee table. The material is durable and provides vitality to any area.

How to style: go for colorful sculptures with natural materials like clay or marble.

Go for different heights

Think of your coffee tables as if you’re about to paint a new abstract. Different heights will create a pleasing focal point of view and delivers a styling sense that doesn’t need much thinking.

How to style: The style can be in the unique material and shape of the tables.

Go for a round table

A circular shape will create a geocentric illusion to the space which will make it look more pleasing to the eye.

How to style: There are three points of interest. Each point varies in height and shape, and a greenery addition will add color to a neutral scheme.


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