Moon sign

What’s Your Moon Sign?

I woke up on an influencer’s Instagram story that she mentions something I’ve never heard of… my moon sign… the next thing I found myself doing was googling just that. What’s a moon sign? Why there’s a moon sign and a sun sign? And since when people started to dig deeper into these things? And where am I in this equation? Am I too late?

I asked a friend of mine, she also doesn’t know anything about the topic so apparently. There’s a lot of us out there! So weight in and tell me what’s the deal here, what all the fuss is about!?
I know what’s going on in your head now. What did you find out when you googled? I only found a calculator to calculate the “moon sign” which for me was Leo. All my life I just knew I’m a Cancer! I was already late to work so I didn’t continue reading and plus, what’s weighing in if it’s not saying/sharing everything you know about the subject?


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