Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee is a Certain Must

I can’t wake up without coffee. I just discovered that, doing that for like.. I lost track of how many years, but the thing I know is there’s coffee to drink on daily basis equally to every hour I sleep… ok, no I just enjoy a two to 3 to 4 cups of a good quality coffee everyday —recently iced coffee added to the love list— Not much ha! It’s not like seven!!

But when I tried on the other day to be a healthier version of my imaginary healthy self, I started my day with oatmeal, a big bowl of it, a dollop of honey and everything, it was satisfying and everything and made me full till launch but also sleepyhead till I suddenly figured out, oh… wait a second.

What is that only thing I did change today in my day? Could my un-coffee morning be the reason? Neuuu I’m not buying that shit, Am I an addict!!!? Sure I do collect the fine and rich and all in between coffee aromas but that’s just because I love indulging in those things right, but am I really can’t wake up without my coffee, is it why I’m in a bad mood the whole day!

Naah it’s just my mindset, you can be as fully energized and happy puppy without it, just continue on your post…

Next thing I slept while I was writing. The next minute I jumped out of my place and did my big cup of black/ no sugar/ essential/ why I did such a thing to my beautiful self cup of coffee and did really enjoyed it.

Is that discovery happened to you? Are you still lying to yourself and say it’s just a refreshing cup of coffee in the morning and I’m so fine without it? Think again woman! Think Again.

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