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Multiple Patterns

Easy. That’s what I need everyday…

I stole my mom’s scarf for that matter, what I got here is my basics —black basic jacket, light mom jeans, and my chic manly shoes that I’m now stick to, clashing with a striped top that I thought it wouldn’t be a big deal, but it is— so the scarf here is the salt that make everything alive, a crazy scarf that have multiple patterns that could make a t-shirt or basic outerwear in a new level.

And in this transitional weather, I tend to lighten my outfit a bit (bare feet and light tops), and that’s why I got sick and stayed in bed this whole week, but that’s not the reason I lack posts this past week…

I’m now trying actually making my new blog and and making every step on my own, (I really don’t know anyone here to do that for me and I thought it’s easy but dealing with command lines is FU$%#** not) so, during this week too, I’ll be busy transferring, editing and commanding everything, so bare with me, I think I can do it! Still love you, and please, join my new “Crossed Fingers” club, Will ya!!?

Wearing: Jacket, Shoes and Scarf: Zara, High waisted jeans: Vintage.

Ps: That’s the last time you’ll see my hair that long (crying inside) but I act cool about the whole thing, It was just soooooooo long comparing to now, I think I don’t have a ponytail now!

street fashion

street fashion


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