Music for the Workdays

Easy background listening while you work

To be completely honest, there’s no much difference between my weekdays and my weekends. I wake up at 7:33 AM every morning, just because the alarm in my head got used to waking up at this time. In my weekdays, I start my morning by preparing coffee, run almost every day to meetings, write posts, do shoots, send lots of emails and answer more. I try to finish work in a proper time but there’s no such a thing.

In the weekends, I have the same routine. But in my head, I feel more relaxed, like this is the weekend… why don’t you watch a movie or go out. Or just spend the day home doing absolutely nothing. Sometimes I take a full day off to completely forget that work exists. But that doesn’t happen often.

The companion in my weekdays and weekends is my music. The lists I noticed Spotify creating for me that is similar to my previous plays, was for me, shockingly smart. Music that won’t distract me from the work I’m doing, on the contrary, will produce more of it. Easy to listen to and hard to turn off. It feels like the sweet background that I know it’s there but doesn’t overdo it. Like a basic layer, salt to my guac, or jam to my peanut butter, a mandatory layer in my day. You don’t know much or at all about who’s playing, so you’re never in a starstruck phase. It takes time to resonate with you because you’re not paying that much attention when you’re working. After repeating it for a while, you find yourself wondering who’s playing that good french song that you can’t understand a word of. You add it to your favorite, then ask yourself, who’s playing, by the way? let me hear the full album of this band, and the shuffle begins. So if you want to fill the background of your days, listen to this list that I created from many suggestions.


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