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I feel like I’m talking about emotions here more than I talk fashion, I feel like oh but I’m fashion paradoxes I suppose to talk about fashion and the differences within my mind, the high-end and fast fashion, all with the lifestyle that we’re living! Well, in this my case, I feel first everything thennnn apply it to fashion, after it, isn’t it the way we suppose to intake fashion into our lives and deliver it to others? I feel, I react, I put clothes on accordingly, ok, stop it with the lot of I’s

In attempt to have a french head that I proudly failed to achieve, I was so sure that will affect my whole outfit from the first glimpse in the mirror but it did not. I’m gonna talk you into the process about how and why this failed, last year was difficult for me, so I wouldn’t bother to put more difficulties on my head, so it was always on topknot and it was too long to even try to do anything with it, then when I wanted the change, I wanted to have that rock repelly—as it was my mood too— look that I always loved to see on supermodels and great heads on Instagram, I mean they’re human beings and it is easy to have a hair style like them right ooooo yeaaa so right, I mean what are the chances to not rocking it every day? I’ve got the attitude, I’ll be moving layers from my hair and the length of it so it’ll be easier to just air dry it after showers and be ready to go! Pfff, Iran the least thing to worrying about really! In fact that is the best thing that I’ll do since a long time, easy breezy back is where we go…

That is a disillusioning mind that I am having since I don’t know, Céline and Zara chats with it????

Of course, after convecing me to do it, I felt such a loss on my dry hair that I’d cut, like you’re wanting it all, having a long hair but doing a topknot all the time alllll in one time! My very dry hair, myyy laahiife.

When it came the time to style it, I thought like, my fringe with my layers ohhh feel so swag and I’ll be taking tons of selfiesss TOOONSS!!! Well, it just never looked good, I looked like I’m wearing a wig, it looked awful, never to mention the time that I took to make the bangs sleep alone on the opposite side of my whole hair, its impossible to do that! I ironed it a lot, I cut it myself often because yea, I’ve some balls to do it and I know what I do now (LOL), then I gave it a time to grow I tried everything, nothing working with it, then after all of that, I lose my mind and just hold it with a poppy pin every day, which I love it more now, because it gives you that layered effect in the front of your head you know, I may cut it now just to get that effect!

None of that was suiting the texture of hair, and I had to confront myself with it, beside, I missed the flip.

Flip it like you don’t care, like you don’t know where it’s going but you’re hell of knowing that you’re sexy AF when you do the move! Damn I still do this with the fringe which makes me look like I just came from the early 90’s to workout with you!hairWith these bangs and this cut, I feel most comfortable on my knot (rhyming bae), I tried to do a ponytail that epically failed for me so I knot it very fast, I tried to tame the bangs yesterday but it looked so wired to me, not me you know.

I was face-timing my friend yesterday and she never saw my hair since the cut so I showed it to her and she was like” hmmm, still your hair, you know, still your signature is showing” and I was like, yeah…  I had a signature hair, tell me how it was like? “huge tall hair on your head, like you’d turn head with it” she said, uhh, stop it, I mean…. no it just a hair, you know, I’m always in a top knot I’m more relaxed like this… that was just for her to continue the compliments! but I remembered that I had already a signature hair that maybe I got tired of it a bit, but will always feel the same about it —curly crazy hair that could give me a SJP head look if I want to— how to not love it! So I’m taking a decision right now, do what suits me the most, what I feel me the most, even if it’s cliche, it is a lesson here to embrace.

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