nars radiant creamy concealer review

A Concealer Hater: I Finally Tried Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

I have had a hate relationship with concealers. Like anyone, I wanted to quick fix my skin issues with concealer. Get those circles blurred in a natural way, and covers any pigmentation. But my friends made me hate concealer from how much they abused it in front of me that made me never approach concealers in my early 20’s.

Most of my friends’ touch-ups are about concealers, mascaras, and lipstick. But the results are not always what I think is right, from my perspective, mostly the concealer look too white for their skin shade, ashy or cakey. So I’ve become hunted with this idea for a long time that if I ever used concealer, it will leave this white crease around my eyes. And in this case, I prefer my dark circles.

That was before beauty tutorials. But till this day, I think the most crucial and hard thing for me to do when it comes to makeup is to choose the right shades for my skin. I could spend hours trying different shades, consistencies, and coverage just to make sure it will blend in nicely. And after all of that, I find myself sticking to my old habits: using foundation as a concealer because it is light and gives a more natural look, even if I know that it won’t erase hyperpigmentation areas the way I want.

When I heard about Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer I thought I should give it a try. But the full coverage word stopped me. I never bought something full coverage. I thought it will be another pricey cakey product.

But after I saw too much of it on the internet, I was influenced to try it. That’s when I went to Sephora one time and caved to the girl who’s standing at Nars to try the product on my skin. The girl who helped me used two colors of Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer on my black circles. One is a lighter shade of my skin and the other darker shade of my skin. I thought she would blend the two to get my exact shade but that wasn’t the case. She first put the lighter shade of the concealer and I looked exactly like my friends used to. I was going to stop her but I was patient enough until she got the second shade and put it on top of the lighter one and suddenly I saw magic. My circles disappeared in a nice natural way, the way I’ve always imagined. It never creases, stayed on forever and very lightweight, you don’t need too much because a little bit goes along the way.

I still feel that she just did that because she had limited swatches of the product. But I was in the point of no return. I went to another branch and found the exact color that matched my skin. It’s Marron Glace in case you’re wondering. I now go foundation free and apply this concealer on the areas I feel need a little touch-up. And even if its full coverage I still see skin.

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer has a lot of shades to choose from. And I never believed that this day would come but I finally found a good concealer. Believe the hype because it is simply the best concealer out there.

nars radiant creamy concealer review
Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer
In a Nut Shell
Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer illuminating dark undereye circles and blends well with skin. It has amazing coverage and many shades to choose from. Lightweight, never crease and last you all day.
Variety of shades
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Great coverage for dark undereye circles and hyperpigmentation skin.
Does't crease and give a natural look for the skin.
Lasts all day long.
Pricy but oh so worth it.
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Variety of shades
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