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The Ultimate Guide to Haircare for Someone Who Doesn’t Care

Hey hey! How are you this morning? It’s raining so bad in here, and I mean, closing the streets, tunnels and shutting down schools, bad. As bad as it may sound, it looks perfectly calm and cozy at home. I love this weather so much at night, but I don’t like the absence of the sun. In this showering water background sound effect, I will talk from where we left on the love affair I have with my hair.

I’m one of those people that can take a shower and leave their home with the most minimal hair care effort and styling. Sometimes, I think to myself that because I’m not damaging it with heat or coloring, then I do it a favor, hence not doing anything is care! I just don’t care about what’s up my head. I look exactly like what you can imagine now. Just someone who doesn’t take care of her head—only shampooing and conditioning with store products. Just a top knot of a curly head brushed after the shower and never touched again. Except for re-knot it to get the strides away of my face.

Sometimes, I think to myself that because I’m not damaging it with heat or coloring, then I do it a favor, hence not doing anything is care!

When I do care, which happens on special occasions or if I have something to shoot. I go for a simple routine with a few considerations in mind of the products I use and the techniques I apply.

Shampooing and Conditioning

To be honest, I don’t use the sulfate free products that often. It just I can’t tell the difference in my hair texture, and I feel that some people get results with it and some just feel meh afterward. I’m from the meh gang. I care more about the conditioning. My hair is curly, thick and dry, so I love to use something that will condition it properly. I love OGX as it moisture and smells coconutty. I brush my hair in the shower while conditioning. Too many wrong steps I know, but I use a wide comb. My hair is thick, so I don’t feel much of difference of the hair amount that I lose in the comb if I brushed dry or wet.

I then wash it from the conditioner, finger combing it into its proper place. Get the access water out. And wrap it with a cotton towel. I don’t use t-shirt method or any special hair towels because my hair is thick and holds a lot of water in. I wrap it for at least 15 minutes to get rid of the water as I hate dripping wet hair feel on my body clothes, where I set, anywhere actually.

Styling Curly Hair

When it gets damp, I style it with Cantu styling cream to define the curls a bit. But I don’t put so much of it because I feel that products weight my hair down and I don’t like this feeling. My hair is dry, but I always love it moisturized to a level that I can touch. I let my hair air dry most of the times.

Sometimes, I tightly braid it afterward for a mermaid kinda look. When I was younger my hair was less dry. And I found a picture that my mom parted my hair into two long braids. I tried it one day, and when my hair dried, it felt much softer and in place. I have a lot of hair. So I just figured that if its styled in parts, I will have more control of it. Finally, I unbraid my braids and brush it throughly with my fingers, then slide a few drops of The Ordinary Marula Oil to ease out any frizz and for a lasting shine.

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