I’m 24 years old and I have braces.

True. Necessarily? For me yes. Did you forget to do it before? No, my parents did.

Don’t ask me why i didn’t thought about it before, maybe I was stupid enough to not notice, it never came to my mind really, and it wasn’t a big deal for mom and dad, they never saw me as a girl who have incorrect shape of teethes.

When i grew up, and as any woman who starts to see her pros and cons, I didn’t like the shape of it, I thought about it too much, how I’m gonna look with braces? you’re an adult, after all, I came to a conclusion of— it’ll make you happy, do it. It’s not about having a perfect smile, perfect doesn’t exist anyway, I want good shape not a whitey all one line pearly teeth! okay maybe a good one line eh!

It’s was a mess for me, because after I decided to fix it, my orthodontist told me that we have to extract four teethes to make some room! I was brave like a man to say lets do it and extract two that day, and brave like a baby to cry that night and freak out about my beautifully good bicuspids that been on my hand, I couldn’t get the picture, how I’m gonna live without four front teeth!!? I think a part of me died that night.

The next day when I went to him I cried over his shoulder, not laterally but you can picture me anyway, for the first time I couldn’t hold it like a grown person at the dentist office, and let me tell you… I’m one of the women who’ve got her teeth drilled without anesthesia… TWICE.

After I got my braces, I was back to my normal mode, like what the worst could happen? I’ll still laugh as hard (I LOL every time I see myself at the mirror, like you’re crazy for doing this!)  I feel more cool and beautiful, my kind of provoking your beauty standards. It’s a part of me now, I got used to this metals in my mouth, it’s a pain in the ass but I’ll enjoy the ride like a 13 years old gal. Laugh.

One of my favorite campaign, Comme des Garcons AW88


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