New Beginnings

When I think about my life, I never really thought that what I’m living in now, will ever happen this way, it never crossed my mind in the exact way,  yes, I had the dream of launching my new website every single day, and I think it took me forever to do that the way I wanted to be almost, but I’m still in the state of mind that this is not really happening, even if it’s really a normal thing for some people, it’s what I’ve always dreamed of, and I’m finally doing it with my own rules!

In the best short description“It’s just my baby, who’s growing and evolving everyday and I have to take care of it, because I admire it and I want it to be the best child in the world” (I think you heard that shit from a million bloggers before) #themotherhoodsideinme #IjustCan’t.

It also feels like the first day at school, you’re so scared, you don’t know what to do, you probably will talk in shit and after you’ll say “what was that!? definitely not me”, and you’ll try to prove yourself that your cool, you have your own style and you’re your own muse, when in fact, you’re just a happy puppy in your first day and you’re all over the place not believing your eyes that this is finally all happening. Now, we just need to make new friends! Weeeee!!! Party at my house tonight PPL!

After talking shit for minutes now, what I really wanna say is, I’m still in the phase of the “dreams and new beginnings”, where I want to encourage everyone that you can do it! It’s like I’m that crazy to grab someone on the streets and shake him saying “you can do anything you want! as long as you believe in yourself that you can, no matter what it is and no matter where you’re in your life, you can do it! Dream, it’s the only free thing that could make you rich, spiritually and materially if you want to.” For sure he’ll say I’m coco, but do you think I give a damn?

Here (in this new baby, blog), we’ll talk wayyy more about everything that crosses my mind, yours as well damn right, join if you’ll find yourself here (it’s a closed big circle, you are welcomed in anytime), and I’ll be graceful foreveR (french accent), Cheers!

Little Chitchat: As for the people who’ve already been in this circle of friends for a while now (on blog, I love you) and I can’t believe that it’s been a looooong time since my last post, and it’s a shame because I promised to post more and I didn’t but I’ve been extremely busy since I was doing all the work on the site that never ends, but I can proudly say, that I did it and here I am, all back to you heerreee, fully energized while I have no idea what happened the past month in the fashion world! I mean for real, What is Instagram anyway!!!? …Cannes!? (I don’t even open it now, swear). I’ve lost my balance in this life, maybe there’s a new balance evolving here that I’m perfectly happy with, but it has less Instagram, just for now.



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