new everything

New Everything!

New year comes with new changesss!!! Okay that was cliché, cause we actually in February LOL.

We’ve all been to the new resolutions phase that we never make every year, this time, I didn’t think of any, rather it’s all in my head —Do what I’ve always wanted to do/believe in since forever, on the blog and real life.

Ps: I’m still talking about this new year because we (me and you) didn’t speak since the beginning of it and the shame on me indeed.

So! in terms of the blog

Ahhh, I’m so excited to share with you the new —few but major for me— changes in the blog design that I did!

It begins with first big image when you open it like BAMM!! makes me want to do all the different things I want to do with it, like a white canvas that I’ll add something new to it every day, so whatever gonna be there, it’ll be major for me and hopefully helpful for you!

Next the “Postsleep Thoughts” that curated and created before coffee, half asleep, half drunk (that’s a metaphor I don’t drink) or half awake, but it’s that rush of thoughts that come to you right after long or short period of sleeping that would/could/should provoke us to think about our daily activities more (or not to think about it at all) and to be our slider of facts that we face, enjoy and make fun of it everyday!

You know me with calligraphy, and if you don’t or you want to see it all it’s here , I already do whatever I find cool and write it even if it’s a line I heard on a movie that makes me want to stop and wonder, it’s my online notes, so I’ll keep that coming in every different possible way!—like what I did last fashion month… Oh yeeeaH. There’s the illustrations that I’ve also incorporated in the last few months, it’s not something new to for me, but I’ve left illustrations since I’ve left the architect field few years ago, now it’s coming back even harder! and every time I illustrate I find myself lost in every single details in it, so do you like it!? Ha, HA!?

On the right I’ve got the sidebar that full of… nothing really hahaha! Ok! but with more important buttons to find me easily on the web, happy! Just a follow Pinterest image that could capture my pinnings all in one image (that’s deep), then the shop slider, oh did I mention that I’ve a Shop now! heheheh! Excited excited EEEExciteddD!

The Shop, that has everything I like and want to have, sharing with you the pieces that fooled me enough in the crazy time of trends Aaannnd the things that I know would last for life time! It’s the place that I can dream in of having something or fully conscious click on the custom buttons that take me/you to another site to purchase what I/you love instantly, so you have the right to look or purchase whatever you like, and hopefully someday I’d be able to add few options to sell what I like the most from Egypt because let me tell you something, we have some thingsss. Things I know for sure you’d like, even love…

Speaking of the shop (that you’ll happen to find on the main menu) there’s that new button on your right ⚡️On Fleek and yes, it’s really on fleeEEHHK! it’s what everyone like and keep on opening on this blog so that’s why it’s on fleeek!! It’s you choices people!!!!! And I celebrate them there, like it’s my board of proudness! like I did a good job in this, this and that!

In terms of life

UHHh Where to start, last year?? when you think about the New Year’s Eve of last year and start to rewind everything happened to you in the year before and how you think that that year was the hardest then the year after that comes and turns out to be harder and you actually believe that it’s the hardest? Yea, aha, totally feeeel you.

What’ve been thinking of (yesterday in my shower —the most place that generates ideas indeed) was something like:

  • My fucked up relationship problems and how I see it all even if it’s not pretty and most dumb of all thoughts… will be in that blog. Maybe it’s not stupid after all and me and you will Click!
  • My stupid thoughts about life that maybe after one day/ year will change… will be in that blog.
  • My city, the family meaning to me, and where I come from and how that shape one person and how I always keep thinking about that… will be in this blog.

I can’t deny that I’ve been always afraid of what will happen if ______(insert anything and everything). I’m living in my dream that sometimes actually believe that’s it’s the current reality, is that will help me to quick the process of making it real!? I don’t know but it’s the way it is.

I mean I know I can do my job good and confident about my thoughts that I know a lot of people can relate to, I believe in that, it’s just I admit that I didn’t execute my ideas here enough! I never had the courage to speak about it. Yesterday my best friend told me something I know I won’t forget, it was “All you have to do is from heart to heart talk, I guess that word is one of the best lines ever invented in history, from heart to heart” and I think if you applied this method on every aspect of your life, the world respond with the same! Simple.

What I’ve learnt is it’s only will be harder and it’s the matter of how you’ll face it and deal with it and let all the challenges that will face you be the guests of shaping and evolving you everyday, to remind yourself that what makes you who you really aspire to be is those difficulties, and hoping for what you’ve always dreamed of as a person, or in this life, be real. To have that balance, and maintain in the long run, happy late new year, and let’s enjoy it all together! Xx

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