New Shades

I’ve been wearing my Ray-Ban wayfarer sunglasses for the last 6 years, or is it 7!

Yes 7 full years. when it comes to sunglasses I’m the least person who goes on trend or ever try to change my style —a batman wayfarer (black frame with yellow interior) with ombre lens pair was my rack for years, and I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving it, IT’S THE ONE WHO’VE SEEN IT ALL, like I always say: your sunglasses and phone are your best friends devices that know everything about you, seen or heard it.

But it’s about time to change it don’t you think, or at least, see the world with a different lens, bottom line, I want to mix it up for the sake of summer aaannd change is healthy.

When I think about what I want to frame my face with, I think about something other than squares ( don’t take my words for feet). All what comes to my head is, round, colorful and perhaps mirrored —other definitions for SUMMAAAAHR.

For that I’ve searched the cyber for the types that will break the dilemma and prove why I want to wear that, analyze it more and coming with the best solution for me, I filed it as below:

The mirrored: Mirror mirror on the face, who’ve got the best vision of all? Well MEH aannd the receiver indeed, great in theory, fun on action but Am I welling to go that far? Mind tell me to chill it’s just a pair of sunglasses. Filed under: other than the fact that I’m fun, I can see you but you can’t.

The Colorful: Goes for frames or lenses, I see great potentials on this one, I’m so in love with it that I know my analyzing will be finalized including this option on my pair, I never wore it before, I know for sure it’s gonna look cool, I feel that I’d go out with it everyday and that’s more than enough for me. Filed under: I wear my watermelon on my eyes.

The round shaped: The shape that I think goes really well with any face type, but what I really want to see my face with is the very minimal cool frameless with colorful lenses pair, feeling like a third child of Mr. Olsen, you feel me, or like this girl I just illustrated, you like it! ha, ha, Ha! Filed under: Old school coolness access only.

The Aviator shaped: You and I can’t go wrong with classics, my sister has one that I always feel so cool putting it on. So aviators expanded now with lots of variety when it comes to lenses types and for that I’d twist the classic look and go mirrored or colorful. Filed under: Classical. Period.

The cat-eye shaped: The new narrow cat-eye looks very Very cool but I don’t know if it’ll suit me or not, I feel that you’ve to feel this on to be able to rock it. it’s just looks so… refreshing, and that exactly what I need at summer. Filed under: There’s no cool as space cool.

Summing what I need the most went goood, now I need to only choose one right? right… What’s your call?


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