Pablo Picasso 'La Buveuse d'absinthe'. 1901.
 September is already here, means… NY fashion week babyyy! (yea i can’t get enough of that..), I’ve been thinking about this for so long now and i have to share it with you, and now while all plans heading to New York, my mind can’t stop thinking about what i’m gonna see, read or watch, so i’m anticipating this:
Hash tag NYFW everywhere, even if those people not in fashion week will be hash tagging it just because it’s that time of the year, i believe Instagram will be more than just a picture around the corner, neuuu i’m talking backstage, i’m talking bloggers, i’m talking front rows, designers, models and street style images, forget all the images about what everyone’s lunch will look like, it’s all gonna be snacks from fashion shows and flavored water, Plus videos!!, seriously, what more do you need? bottom line, i’ll be on my sofa, living in New York every.second.of.the.week, ohhhhh yeeaa!
-The next Cara Delevingne:
Every season has a model, the last one was Cara, but who knows what will be next, it was about Cara thick eyebrows, i don’t know what we’ll see next but i think it will be a pixie cut model (it’s all pixies this year)..
-Emmanuelle Alt Vs. Anna Dello Ruso:
Indeed there’s is no comparison, (it’s french chic Vs. sexy modern style) so i’m consistently asking myself what would Emmanuelle and Anna wear? both are huge inspiration even if i’m more like Emmauelle, i love when ADR makes my jaw drop..
I’m always into details, and that’s in normal life, but in fashion weeks, i go craaazyyy on every single detail i see, whether it’s makeup (like at Kenzo with the liner underneath the eyes, Uhh!) or how will we grab or bags this season and how tall will our boots go and the little details on the accessories.. should we go huge or simple??

-The “IT” girl:
Last but dif. not least, the” it” girl of the season on the street style, beside Mira Duma and Lena Perminova, what ever she is, we don’t mind her inspiring us..

 And this is only a brief moment of what’s going inside my head everyday of the last couple of weeks, for me to be honest, all i want is to be there, well maybe someday..
Note: FYI if i was there, my Instagram will be exploding of details okay people! like i’ll do my catwalk on the runway while i’m videoing it! just for you i’ll go crazy! or just because i’m crazy (This is a message for all the people that will go there, Please Instagram everything! and i mean Everything, from the moment you’ll take your invitation to any show, to the small talk that goes after the shows and the mini gifts bag (yea, it counts), to the after parties playlists and the dancing!(envy you), i like to see that and i know, it’s not just me, right?!)
Image: from Pinterest and it represents me in the moment (but add my laptop to the table).

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