Notes Cleaning!

It’s just like cleaning your emails but easier, indeeed.

I use notes everyday, the Notes app isn’t just another icon on my phone, and holding a yellow notes on my hand with a pen and write very single thing crosses my mind is MAH thing, because I know if I just got this amazing idea and didn’t note it, consider it never crossed my mind, so yea it’s very useful for me.

So when it’s the time to clean it, which happens every never, I discover more things I didn’t realize it was even there, some inspirational words for the hard times and some of the best ideas that needs to be out but for some dumb reason it’s not, so yea, cleaning it was a bit of retrospective —in a good way to reenergize yourself and say: yea, I’m damn good at this and “whatever it is” needs to be OUT! And maybe someone would love to note it.

So how do you deal with your everyday fast crossing ideas!? Do you note it? If so do you ever get back to it? Note it is my word.


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