nyfw street style spring 2017

NYFW Street Style is The THING!

I can not Not admit that it’s fall already, for me, fall is pretty much like summer, ok it’s not, I’m just trying to convince my mind, like you can have the same fun, and only a few fun things incorporated into your daily look to make more speaking out of it.

It’s still heating steel in our part of the earth, so for that, I can use a couple of NYFW street style photos to warm my mind towards my wardrobe again—that’s the thing with fashion week, in a minute you don’t have anything to wear and the next, you have LIFE.

For this life that about to begin for me, I appreciate everything I have in my wardrobe, the lonely poor white t-shirt becomes a thing for me again because it is actually a thing, I wouldn’t buy it if it wasn’t right.

The most thing I like about the NYFW street style spring 2017 is that it’s more hmm… real? is that the word for it? or what I picked here is, something that I could wear every day if that morning was really really good, but why it wouldn’t?

So it’s like the daily inspiration of your daily street style, not the daily inspiration of fashion week street style. It’s the real deal, we will play it by the examples you already have in your wardrobe, so you could roll you mind on the pieces you just left behind.05-day-3-street-style-nyfw-ss17You know that shirt dress you wore all summer that made you feel so cool when you felt like you just took a safari vacation and wore it with your slides? Great don’t throw it just yet, ensemble your flowy trousers/skirt with it, this way you look more put together in an adventures way. Grab your old paper-like bag that was trendy like you’re holding a Macdonald’s paper bag, if you don’t have that just get a mac and grab it, I’ve tried it, it feels awesomely cool.14-nyfw-day-4-phil-ohWell if you’ve got your hands on a mustard dress this summer then you’re a “trendsetter” that you should write your own blog, because this color, is one of my favorite, and it will be the next “it” color next spring, plus it just feels so sunshinhhyyyy! if the sun isn’t out you’re the one who will make people smile and have a good morning, it reminds me of everything good, the sunshine, warm, mango, pineapple, vacations…etc, just because of the power of that color, and how you’d wear it, you can have a good morning already just by looking at the this color the very first thing when you open your eyes, like BAM “I got all the sunshine you need in your day baby”.nyfw-streetstyle-philoh-day6-10You know why I just love the topxshirt combo, because I can wear this all the year round, for the first time I find tops are a great deal now to buy and invest in because one, they are pretty, two, they give you layer and it shakes any plain shirt underneath it, three, it’s the game in itself that could be the only game on your outfit, and it’s pretty strong to stand alone.

So that shirt and top that you already wore together all summer, wear it again! yes with the same jeans, add a scarf, sporty socks to your forgotten loafers, and yes, rule.13-street-style-nyfw-day-5-phil-ohOf course, you have an item this summer that is with tassels or pom-pom, wear it this fall and until next spring, because we have to shakeeee it all the way with that thing—adds movement, and you’ll add life to every step you take (what is that I’m writing!!?).nyfw-streetstyle-philoh-day6-28This is one of my favorite images for NYFW street style, why? it got sheer, elegance, ease, and Birkin that slide with heels on it, not to mention the cuffed jeans! What not to love about that? The most important thing that shows here is that you really feel it comes out naturally from her, not because it’s fashion week. that’s what counts.21-street-style-nyfw-day-5-phil-ohWear your metallics, unbutton your shirts, pinstripe all over with every size and knot you head, wait, they actually know me! Thank you very much!! that’s what I’ve been doing this whole summer, so thank you for feeling like I’m on the right path, or the path that I really love that someone, or two or a whole gang are and speak the same language, how cool is that? How COOL is that!

And that’s a wrap. So tell me what are the pieces that you plan to take from summer to fall and how’d you wear it all!? I’m rhyming lol.

Images: Vouge.com



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