New York fashion week is heeerrreee!!!! Weeee!! I think I’m the only one excited about that thing (it become a normal thing in our lives right?)…

Why I’m excited? Because it’s more cool and relaxing to watch the shows from your couch! Everyone else is going, duh, and they’re all so stressed about it, I mean why you have to be!? I won’t think about what to dress everyday, if my shot will press on or not, Is Scot paying attention to my details, or How I’m gonna be in the next show that will begin after 5 mins and there’s no taxi whatsoever to drive me there, What after party I’m going to after the shows? and the party after that too, and on top of all that, my Instagram page that has to be on time with the shows hayperlapsing and backstaging! it’s so damn exhausting, Right? RIGHT, UH!!

I think that’s the consolation that I give myself because I’m not there, it’s so horribly damn painful to watch a show live steam with a stupid internet connection that makes you miss the final and mostly all of it, but still… i don’t wanna talk about it and I’ll take what I have for now.

Back to shows, It’s beginning with 70’s vibes all over the place, all denim goddess falling on the shows, and I become more excited everyday, with more details coming later and posts about the best shows, mind and self convos again, and even if I’m not there, I’ll make you feel comfortable in your own pyjama watching it like a frow pro, you got that right people!

So Are you excited? What’s on your waiting list!?

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