Off For a Week!

I’ve been off blogging for one week! ONE WEEK! And I can’t stand it any more, as I’m writing right now I’m having a crazy breakdown moment because it’s something I can not do anything about. It’s out of my hand because My family just moved to this new home at this beloved city that I love to come and visit — Jeddah where my family is. Where THERE’S NO INTERNET COVERAGE AT THIS NEW AREA! Kill me I mean really! Where are we! In 2000!!? Seriously that, by far, the worst thing that ever happened since I came here. As I’m struggling everyday to get my hands on a good connection to post my content but unexpectedly, it’s far from real life.

One of the two strongest companies doesn’t even cover my area and the second want to give me a limited speed and space daily because their 4G doesn’t Also reach my area! Should I move out!? I think I should!!!

In this dilemma that I’m having right now, you’ll find me having crazy days not able to do anything but posting/making stories on Instagram whenever I’ve a chance on the street or posting here when I go to any cafe.

Life must go on. I should go to Starbucks everyday.

In this cyper world where we can’t live without an internet, What’s the Internet problems that you’ve had before with the struggles of moving to a new place? How did you handle it? And Do you have a solution for me!?

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