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I’m not proud of saying this, but I’m the least person who’s an Egyptian and knows about Egypt’s History, Even if we took it at school —that I believe wasn’t the best way of teaching it— I grew up feeling like I didn’t took any classes and only knows headlines about Egypt’s history.

When I grew up enough, I had the urge of knowing about it all, why all the world sees it as I don’t? Is it because I’ve been born surrounded with the place that you feel like it’s all running in your blood it but at one point you forgot about it all?

It’s like you’ve this amazing country but you unconsciously feel like you’ve been there and knew it all, but you don’t, you’re an ignorant of what happened in this place centuries of time ago, you’ve never even been to all the places, that could make you feel how your knowledge is incomparable to all of it, and how it could connect you to something you’ve never know it could come from this certain time or place — a big part of this your identity is made out of.

I can’t describe how powerful it feels when you can be surrounded with your history, and I feel blessed that I can go everyday anywhere and discover and build some of myself with this legacy that our grandparents had been left for us to wonder, for those who did read The Alchemist will totally relate how majestic it is when the first time he saw the pyramids, quoting:


Another Omen! The boy began to dig into the dune.
As he did so, he thought of what the crystal merchant had once said: that anyone could build a pyramid in his backyard. The boy could see now that he couldn’t do so if he placed stone upon stone for the rest of his life.

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