Friends are what makes me feel alive.

When you talk about friendship it’s always somehow the same talking, friends are essentials, they’re fun to be around, and all of that stuff, but… you really can’t imagine how big of a deal friends are in your life once they’re really away for some reason.

Best friends on the other hand are what I really rely on everything, that wasn’t intentional or I didn’t really feel like every little details in my life are shared and bond with them until my best friend is gone abroad.

For me I only got one best friend, who is capable of get all my emotional feeling in one sit and get me centered in the same time, she can do what no one ever can, believe in what I do and what I can become, she can see beyond what I can visualize about me sometimes and take me to that place with her.

One of the best things that we love doing together is shopping, ok, let me rephrase that, going to the mall and entering every retail store like Zara, pointing and naming all of the pieces that looks like some of the big brands out there, standing like editors for hours there never bore us! she wants to be a designer so she really have a quite taste when we do this, or seeing what attitude can do in one woman, god! Eating together was definitely something else, okayyyy forgive me for being too emotional but it’s just silly me when it comes to love.

We always support each other and she always got my back when I lose it all, she’s always there no matter what, she the one who will stay with me all night long to just send a text to a guy to burn him instantly, still, she’s the one who’ll direct my mind to see the truth when I go blind. she stays honest even if it’s sometimes will be a pain in the ass, but it’s really not what she says as much of how she says it, she always knew how to say it, we did everything together and we dreamed together.

Now I really write all of that because she’s abroad and have been like a week since the last time we spoke, yes that’s hugeeee between us, not knowing a thing about each other for a week, a week is a life time let me assure you that.

Yes indeed I’ve got other friends but nothing compares to the best one (shut up) and I have good time with them, but when the really bad times arrives, you really know who will stick and make you service and who will watch with a popcorn on his hand.

May be as well, I should make new friends!? Hmm, processing the idea… Move along. Too much work.

So because I was aching for her, Today I tried to go to the mall alone, without anyone to grab with me, I thought that would make me feel better, like how I imagine it, me with further reduction items on the mall together, there’s some pizza around the corner, we all will have a blast together! but what happened was, me and the items got in a huge fight in the fitting room, I walked out furious than before, I forgot about the pizza and left with a one thing in my mind: why the F*#k didn’t you even try the denim dress!!!!? it was really gooooddd, I may go for a second chance tomorrow, (ha if you find it hun!) only this time with friends!!! who will really makes me take the decision whether good or bad, and buy the damn dress blindly.

I’ll update you tomorrow about the big purchase on Instagram!

How about you, How do you define friendship? and do you have a best friend or all your friends are just the best!?


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