Pointy PO! I know that’s not my everyday flats, ALTHOUGH IT SHOULD BE! and why not? They navy, patent leather, mmm flaatttt! Okay not with my lifestyle now, it’s Birkin life and I don’t know how long it will be, it’s been like that since… Mooovee on.

But when you see fashion shows, and you suddenly have this momento of The Thrilled Face —your mouth wide open with your eyeballs, maybe tears will come after that, happy or sad tears, happy then sad, depends. That you can actually do what they did right now, or no you can’t because of this lifestyle or this mood. still you expressed your feelings and you loved what you saw so so much.

The ideas and the inspirations in fashion week always comes so refreshing, like why I didn’t think about this before!? So when I saw the shoes on Lisa perry show, and how she make it good on everything, I thought, I have something like that! it’s for everyday and every look too! Why you just don’t wear it more, explore the damn thing all over again, maybe I wore it 3 or 4 times, maybe they will be the mood shaker for me, cause I know this one thing. Shoes can really makes you in a different level… in hight, and definitely in mood. Am I right or Am I right!?

Flats: Zara


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