On Topknot

I have a huge long hair that I could go for days talking about it here, but what you don’t know is I never leave it as it is, I mean just hanging there, I can’t leave my hair on my shoulders or back for too long, especially in these hot summer days. I love it to cover all of me at winter though.

I’m a topknot kinda girl, I wake up and sleep in a topknot, if I feel good about it I leave it while sleeping to sleep besides me but that doesn’t happen too often, even if I always picture myself waking up with bedhead and smudgy eyes like a Parisian effortless woman.

Ok. Happened once or twice.

But the —use your hair wisely as a valued feature you’re aware of— little voice in my head keep telling me what I suppose to do with it, like c’mon you’ve a beautiful hair that you can shape in different volumes, but the topknot always wins when it comes to my long hair, maybe all of this because I can’t feel summer like summer, because I’ve been in the city for too long now, I’m sure if I felt a breezy sandy air that would’ve changed the whole perspective now, ha! Move along.

Even if I’ve a date, I want to topknot it and get done with it, I keep telling myself, hold it, he saw you already too many times with this knot, don’t even dare. Okay maybe if I did a littleee small knot on top will look cool right! it will show your face in a cool lifted way, ok good… naahh lets just leave it there like you don’t care, those waves already there to tell that, ok, I’m ready.

5 mins. later… checking myself for the last time before going out…

I look like a bae on my topknot and cool earnings.

Where do you find your comfort and style in your daily hair look?

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