You know that feeling when it’s summer time and everyone around you walking everywhere wearing their favorite perfect jeans!? that obligates you to do either of things:

One: Search for your perfect jeans.

Two: Thinking about whether you ever had a complete perfect jeans putting on you or not. Oh that’s deep.

Choice number one is always there, even if it’s in the back of your mind, you’ll always find yourself asking if that your next jeans is finally The perfect jeans, Is it will survive my test? from the denim shade to the cut, the fabric, pockets positions, butt shape, hemlines, length, even zipper size and color. Yes, It’s not a jeans, it’s the best jeans that doesn’t require a style because it’s all the style you need per outfit, it’s a way of life and you decide how you live your jeans life.

I’ve found my perfect navy jeans that covers all the aspects that I want in one best jeans (almost, almost), it’s so skinny (it’s the only skinny one that I wear right now), and has that rock and roll feeling into it, I wore it a lot till it’s shade got lighter so I dyed it in black, it’s sort of distress now, have that rustic look, wearing it four days a week and in this case you don’t really pay any attention how to style it, it’s my legendary jeans, and the more it gets older the more I love it, It’s one of those jeans that you know comes one in your lifetime and you refuse to let go of it, every other jeans come and go but that who’ve survived the perfect one test.

Do you have a perfect best jeans you don’t wanna let go? How it looks like?

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