I’m a package sucker, I could only buy a product for the sake of a beautiful package,
in everything not just the beauty stuff, from food packaging (there’s that pasta factory that make the best package here) to soaps (the best), even the paper bags that they give when you buy clothes ( I keep those bags, only the beautiful ones but don’t tell).
I love the crispy paper, natural, clean, not to much colors, playfully with watercolors, minimal and fun packaging. Packaging is the very first thing that I’ll see and will make me happy before I see what’s inside, it’s very important to get my attention with it, like it’s the introduction of what’s inside, if it’s lame, the inside will be lamer, or that’s just what I think, however, there’s some great known products you don’t even care about that piece of paper because you really know what’s inside is just the greatest. But packaging is the happy moment of great paper you tear apart for another happy hour, month, or a lifetime. And how could you deprive me from such a moment!?
Do you love packaging? How much its important to you?

Soaps from The face shop.


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