PARIS… Here we -not- come!

Ahhhh Fur! I just got this image from my best friend telling me about the good time we’ve had when we first saw that fur in “Elwekala” (El-Wekala: one of the few places in Egypt that you can almost find a good fabric in, almost! if you have the time, the effort to search and the imagination to try

and when we went there, we asked for colored fur, but they only had black brown and white, and here it was, on the floor! Yes the white classic amazing fur was on on the floor screaming Im precious and you don’t even know that (even if it’s faux fur, it’s white people!!), And before I get my Heart attack I screamed OHH my god! How amazing! I got attached..
But today when I got that picture, the feeling came by again and i remembered everything, and all I want right now is to fly to Paris with that fur on my shoulders, (or on my feet!yea), that will be good, can’t imagine what to come this week! Can you? I mean we are talking Paris fashion week! The most important week of the year! We’re talking about “The Controllers” like my BFF named them (it’s catchy ha), and while I’m sitting here with my cup of coffee on one hand and my phone on the other, all I can do is anticipate, watch and share what I’m feeling with you guys, hopefully one day I’ll be there and do more than that.. So the big questions here! Which show are you mostly waiting for at Paris fashion week, and the bigger one… WHERE’S EMMANUELLE ALT for crying out loud? Is she appears exclusively at Paris?! Oh Lord help us all.

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