Perfect Rosé

Well, I know I’m gonna regret this.Me shooting my feet, regardless of the hate I hold inside since I opened my eyes on other people perfect feet, but the good thing is, that. I. know. I. have. not so good. feet.

I can’t say ugly. Because there’s nothing ugly unless you said so and believed of that, so it’s just… not perfectly structured, or correct, yes that’s the perfect word, incorrect, in the bone thing you know. I’ve my second toe floating in the air and not in the row with the others. I can’t wear an open toe shoes or sandals and see them in a good row, and while they are up in the air, the big first toe is under my second one, yea he’s a shy fella, plus they are not that slim, like the rest of my leg! (Am i going crazy here?) but that will never make me NOT to wear sandals oh god no! (many many girls do that! and they have problems with there feet less than I can even recognize) They have rights just like other perfect feet in the world and they have to get it, they have to breath in the summer, they have to get a padi mani sessions from now and then, even if the padi lady treated them with shame and put cottons between everyone, so what, they will look sublime after and forget that lady like they never met before.

All of that talk is unintentionally. I didn’t plan for talking about my feet in this post, I was gonna tell you about my perfect nails color! just that. I really love the color the lady put for me, and when i asked what is it, she said it’s from China with a bottle I’ve never seen before, it’s the perfect nude rosé color for my tan, she tried 3 shades before that one, lighter and darker, and noting went perfect like this one, so I had to share it, simple. Forget about feet, you’ll never gonna find me modeling my feet on my Instagram account (okay maybe if I really loved a shoes so very very much!), but in the mean time, why not share one happy feet!


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