Platform Flatform, NYFW trends #2

Because we hardly wear heels now, well… I don’t wear heels now unless it’s a wedding or an occasion #pathetic but true. So I’m loving this trend because it emulates the sexiness of the height in the heels and the coolness of the flats, so my eyes go for the Victoria Beckham velvety platform, so damn sexy makes me wanna throw my flats, like what I’m wearing anyway, ha!? Be a VB Girl, Passant.



Delpozo white flowery platform, out of this world, prrreeettyy (again, french accent) I can’t take the cuteness here, i respect that there’s something like that in this world, and few people can really pull it off, frustratingly enough, I’m not one of them.



Really who am kidding here? I love flats, it’s for everyday, i can’t live without it, and if you put some inches on my slides, I’ll not complain, let’s keep it that way okay, so coowwwhhl from Coach.



Thakoon babe can make an everyday flatform. The details on this one are so Ah-mazing, from the leather to the ankle straps and the wood soles makes it so edgy and sexy, give it bonus points for me plus why I’m feeling them so comfy!? They are? I knew it. (I think I’m just giving myself an excuse to buy them eventually, uh if i ever afford it).





Okay that’s what I really want, Period. That will satisfy my appetite about wearing a flatform and in the same time it has the cool effect of all the flats and slides, the transparent front and the spongy lines with the nude sole makes it so damn… Cool! My favorite so far, I can think about million outfits to wear that. The Japanese inspired ones from Maison Martin Margiela. Ohh yeeeeea.

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