Pointy Flats

Pointy Flats

My post-sleep thoughts are always the honest words, you know those moments when you first wake up and check your Instagram and start judging yourself upon the pictures you see of other popele, and shoes? yes.

And now I must confess, what I used to love is now I hate.

Ok, hate is a big word I just dislike my pointy flats, not in shape but in practicality.

Maybe that coming from the same place that I like more open flats like slides and mules for the rainbow sliding function and the pure fact is that I just can’t stand any shoe that hasn’t got any opening outlet on it, and maybe that’s not only because it’s 26 c now, or that’s so much comfortable to wear my Birken every day than thinking of any other shoes, so I’ll give it for the first reason because the second is just absurd and I’m rambling right now. Because when I think about the future ahead, of course, I’ll be covered from head to toe, so that whole conversation that we’re having right now is just my sleepy talk that I know when we get into the cold days, I’ll be more of; yea give me that pointy flats to wear with socks because it’s chic, it’s metallic, and it got stars on it.

Does that ever happen to you or I’m the only lunatic right here!?


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