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I Wore My Mama Polka Dots Outfit Just Like She Did 28 Years Ago

In this fast millennial world, and as technology getting us everything in touch of a button; we tend to find ourselves attached to the past somehow. We’re watching SATC for the millionth of time, styling ourselves like the ’70s, ’80s trends and influenced by the nineties fashion today—when we the thought the last never going to happen again.

While I was cleaning up the attic— like Americans say—it was not the attic it was an old drawer, the same drawer I found the vintage Dior bag that I didn’t pay much attention to and now crying for this specific moment to happen again to make wiser decisions. polka dots outfit I found old photos of my young mother. Here she is, younger than me here, already gave birth to me months ago and has that afterglow birth.

She wore a Benetton red polka dots outfit, a Co-ord slouchy set of two, a shirt, and giant shorts that if you insert in the shirt, it’ll look like a dress! Only will serve you better in unexpected situations. The two pieces have huge pockets on each frontal side with different details on each piece. She posed with a push-button telephone in her hand like there’s no tomorrow of Apple Inc.

I wanted to click on the photo to view the products details then click again to direct me to a product page to purchase the same outfit she is wearing. She influenced me to be a loyal customer without going to the whole funnel shit.

However, we did it the old fashion way. I called her to see if she still has it or not. Although years ago before my birth, she lent but never got back most of her great pieces that I cry over when I see it sparkling like cheap organza in old photos, this outfit was never meant to be a disposable one.

I wouldn’t change anything in this outfit, it has all the criteria that I need in 2018. Not only that it has power shoulders, but also strong lines end with large white buttons on the shorts. The outfit still holds its account in the face of summer 2018 trends. We’re open to seeing different shapes nowadays and love to try different silhouettes that may look strong but at the end are truly simple easy outfits. The fashion paradoxes of this polka dots outfit are out of this world for me.

I did it my own version which is obviously nothing but holding another connection gear in my hand. Adding a shoe for a Parisian touch, and a straw bag—that has the same robe detail on the shorts’ pockets—to double the summer trend impact. Framing it all with curly natural hair and fun accessories.

I always say I love the 70’s life, 80’s fashion and 90’s explosion. With an urge in my sound “why god, why I wasn’t one of the chosen to live at these eras!? When I see an interior piece/mood board, or a 70’s movie and imagine what an exciting life must be lived. All the creations, and the inventions! Another idea diminishes this one in seconds “you have the sources, you have the freedom to choose, you have MORE.

This too will be history after a decade when I’m handling it over to my daughter. So I couldn’t help but wonder, Have I just checked the sustainable styling and conscious fashion square boxes without realizing? Yes, Am I now following a trend with this polka dots outfit without hurting the environment? YEAS! Couldn’t be happier. Will I do more outfit ideas like this in the future, god I hope so! Will all of this, what we do here and now going to be one of the resources for post-generation Z?


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