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Update: Sitting a bed in bedroom with beautiful arch slash studio slash living room with things on the corner from Ikea to set up, also.

Ahhh I miss blogging!!! I miss waking up everyday doing what I want to do which is far away from picking up stuff from Ikea to make a proper room to live in, Ok, I love Ikea but not like that.

But most of all, I miss feeling pretty~~

Pretty for me is feeling clean, as polished face, clear, defined brows, fresh smooth body and clean hair. I’ve been on bare faceXtop knot combo for almost six years now. It’s essentially me as I’m more accepting it as my comfort zone that I love to be in with the best possible development, aka hair down with clear face.

I only wash my face these days IF I got the time for it. Moving to a new place can be so hectic and seems like unfinished work! I miss looking for products and try it and act like it did such a huge impact thing on my face when it was just as shitty as the one before, or actually did something and act like winning the lottery and stick to it. It’s the searching journey that I’m in love with.

The only thing that separates my sister’s room from mine is that cool Moroccan-feel arch so we basically live together. She loves spending her time whole life watching YouTube (I don’t at all!), Yesterday she discovered the thermal spring water. She was watching a Korean girl’s everyday beauty and makeup rituals and how she was spraying the water in front of her face just because she felt the air dry (???) not directly on her face. She was marveled by her routine (Always a fan of Korean skin care routine moi aussi) and while she was telling me the story from the other side of my room, I couldn’t think of another thought but, Uhh I wanna feel that∼

Imagine it with me while I’m setting up my desk now… Taking a long calming path then entering your new bedroom that’s already set with Diptyque candles, starting to add everything in your counter to your face and reapplying it every 30 min. for maximum Korean copying in a hope for a similar skin. Eye creams, lip balms, toners, and thermal water. YES. And before all of that, scrap and mask routine for a good pampering feeling… obv.

Then take advantage of this beautiful day and take care of your frizzy hair (now, on laptop scouring some product) and try every product you’ve on the market to upgrade your hair game. Soaking it on heavenly smell oils and leave-in conditioners. Switch to body and submerge it with rich creams cause man, it is thirsty for such a feeling!

No… I’m not into makeup at the moment, but red smudged lips like kissed one would be the frame of a lovely pamper day.

Oh Dreams for now, but imagining will make it happen really, really soon. Sigh.

What’s the most thing that makes you feel pretty!?


  1. When I have so much to do, the last thing I’d think of is “being pretty”! Moving and trying to arrange thing is hectic and I am still trying to settle down. When I want to look pretty, then putting some makeup on and also my favourite lippie always work. I love using thermal water, I don’t know what it actually does or if it does anything, I just like the refreshing effect of that spray :)

    Ela BellaWorld

    1. Me too! We’re all so wowed by the thermal water refreshing effect but we don’t actually know what else is it doing hehehe, still, I need that FRESH feeling those days the most. I’m still in those hectic days (I”ve to end it soon though) and All I need is relax and put a sheet mask on my face, with a cocktail on my hand! <<Life.

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