how many times should you wash your face for oily skin

Pro Tip: Midday Cleanse Your Oily Skin

Caution: this is for the people who love to wear the minimum amount of makeup, and are ready to wipe off their perfect eyeliner with no regrets.

I have a problem. In my casual everyday running between tasks, and meetings, whenever I’m faced with a sink in the middle of the day, I can not not wash my face. Splashing it with water is just the first step. Then I think of all the germs I carried for the past couple of hours and just refreshed them with water. So I clean my face thoroughly using a cleanser that keeps moving from my gym bag to my normal bag every day.

The results are always truly exhilarating. I don’t wear makeup most of the time. It doesn’t mean that I don’t need any, but I can be comfortable this way. I don’t care much about the circles around my eyes, these pimples on my chins. I don’t have the urge to cover them ∼every day∼. Somedays, I feel that if I didn’t have a seamless skin, I would die. Some other days, I play with makeup because I get into the fun makeup mood. But often, I just don’t look much into it. It’s like my mind says, you will be fine, move away from the mirror, and I do.

For that, I don’t have a problem with re-applying the two/three things that I wear on my face usually. After washing my face midday. I found that this step, along the little to no makeup one, makes a huge difference to my skin, and my energy. Besides, what I use midday are hydrating cleansers, so I always feel refreshed, and my skin always feels balanced.

If you asked me how many times should you wash your face for oily skin, I would say as much as you think you, and your skin needs it. There’s no fixed number that if you crossed your skin is going to dry, that’s a myth. I may wash my face 3 to 5 times a day, and my skin never dries or overproduce oils. It’s all about using the right products for your skin type.

These two minutes of cleansing my face midday with circular motion energize me as if I just got a facial appointment between the meetings.

Most of my mornings begin with cleansing my face with strong (but won’t stripe) face cleansing products like La Roche Posay Toleriane Purifying Foaming Face Wash, Kiehl’s Deep Pore Daily cleanser, Cerave, or Cetaphil, and follow it by applying some hyaluronic serum, two dots on cheeks of Weleda, and sunscreen. When I have the urge to wash my face midday, I prefer gentle cleansers that will make me feel clean but mostly moisturized. I use Natura Bissé, or La Roche Posay Physiological Cleansing Milk and follow with any kind of moisturizer or serum, then sunscreen, if I’m in a makeup mood, I will apply some concealer in some areas on my face and that’s it. I pack the cleanser with me in a travel size bottle. And carry it in a makeup pouch that holds more skincare products than makeup.

You can use oil cleansers if your face likes it, it’s hydrating, and I’ve heard wonders about it. But my skin doesn’t like oils in general, and I still haven’t found a good oil cleanser yet. Sure you can use face cleansing pads with Micellar Water, or mist your face once every hour, but I nothing compares to thoroughly clean the skin. These two minutes of cleansing my face midday with circular motion energize me as if I just got a facial appointment between the meetings.

When I get home, that could be the third to the fourth time I wash my face. If I’ll go out at night, that would be another one, and before sleep is another one. So I lose count how many times to wash face per day. I use the aforementioned strong cleansers before sleep to prepare the skin properly. For the in-betweens washes, is the routine I just described. It also depends on the weather, in winter, the less the better indeed. Try it, your midday just got a fresh routine; wash, moisturize, protect, and repeat.

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