Proportions at No.21

No.21 is one of the most shows I loved this season, the first image I saw from it was a gray wool suit on top of a golden brocade shirt and all framed with a brocade golden coat and right away, I knew that was a good show.

And after I saw the massive details and the textures and layering of every ensemble I started to take notes (again and again) of how I could layer next season, it was an intermediate lesson on proportions and layers that I was willing to have.

N21 ready to wear fall winter 2015 in Milan

1- Please don’t talk about bad weather. It’s not the lack of the sun, it’s the lack of your layers.

Five ingredients we will say it all together: A turtleneck under a dream knee-length coat —minimal wool from one side and lace-edged another fabric on the other— (one, Textures, two, Lines), with fur vest (three, Proportions), all ended with cropped wide lapel jacket (four, Constructions) and trousers from the same palette with a cooppery red boots (Five, colors), Need to say more?

N21 ready to wear fall winter 2015 in Milan

2- Fur is just another fabric, not a statement piece.

Always thought that when I wear fur, I wear something not that easy, it’s not just like a pair of jeans (IT IS), now after I saw it among the white statement skirt that no one can deny the richness of it, I can proudly wear fur as an easy piece anddd both pieces together and still not be fully statement which is I very not bear.

N21 ready to wear fall winter 2015 in Milan

3- We all need to learn how to reinvent our total black outfit.

A jeweled skirt and a lighter color on the coat’s inside can make a total black outfit come to life, worn with a sweater or a (dress??) I think, and tailored trousers without forgetting the differences of the fabrics.

4- You can be all the masculinity you want in your daily ensembles, but this time, I’ll choose femininity.

With Victorian necks and fan pleating I found the girl in me, clean and effortless and screaming femininity unintentionally and effortlessly.

N21 ready to wear fall winter 2015 in Milan

5- There’s only one shade of white I need to master how to wear in one ensemble.

Proportions, textures and layers, 3 words i need to think about every time I get dressed from now on. Base it all in one color (I’ll go with the no.1 white shade) and end it with richer color outerwear with an edge line from the same base color, here, you just made it from just a morning dressing to science morning thinking.

And that’s never bad.

Now, A pop Quiz! What are the five things of an ensemble that will prevent you from talking about the weather!? Easy.

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