What I like the most is when I see someone who made her dreams come true no matter where she’s from, especially if she’s from a place which is not on the fashion map*. here, I spotted Razan Alazzouni, who’s a Saudi Designer, graduated from The School of Museum of Fine Arts and TUFTS University in Boston, then she dedicated herself to fashion, got back to her hometown to pursue her dreams and influence the women there through her designs. Her designs are feminine but powerful which you can see in the silhouettes and colors, the pieces have the west clean cuts and execution with the detailing, beading and embroidery of the east.

Her latest collection has a lot of variety, there’s an A line skirts that’s rich with embroidery, perfect green army colored pieces that paradox with the embroidery pieces, blue jeans color dresses and skirts, a lot of yellow pieces and you know how much i love yellow. There’s a volume in all of its great shapes and proportions and all the pieces styled together in a balanced look that don’t make me feel so busy or so minimal.

I bumped into her account when I was scrolling Instagram seeing what’s new in KSA because I’m going there tomorrow (yaaaay) so I’m thrilled that I found her.

*: That means big fashion cities like Paris, Italy, NYC or any other Europe area that’s so into fashion and all the world’s follow or imitate, so I’m happy when I see someone out of this area, far away, who’s actually can represent their work at any place in the world and being admired, there’s nothing more thrilling to me, especially if that someone is from Africa, Egypt to be more specific.

Images via Razan Alazzouni.

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