Real Techniques Setting Brush review

Real Techniques Setting Brush

The technique is in the brush

If you only do what the brush says on the package think again. If you already think outside the box and use your makeup brushes for multiple functions, and entered this post and got that far, then it’ll be great to share your tips with us. Did you know that you can write a full review as well!?

I got Real Techniques Setting Brush only because I believe that it can do more than one thing. It’s initially made for setting the finishing products on your skin like loose powder. But it’s so versatile for its size. It nicely blends when I press it softly on the skin and give that even base application — something you have to take in mind when applying makeup on the skin, so you don’t move any of the layers you’ve made on your face already.

I like to see skin when I do my makeup. I tend to go for creamy products for maximum glow and this brush builds up real good with sheer-medium coverage. It does wonders for blending the edges of your blush with the base and stretching concealers all through the T-zone. Targeting all the angles like the nostrils and the chin dimple (if you have one) like a hero on a mission. It’s compact, so it stretches the products on the skin in ease, and if you finally decided to use it as a setting brush—its purpose after all— you can.

Try your brushes in different ways, play with it and see if it’ll works. You don’t know what you’re missing. Now, if you already do this, what is your for-everything-brush? Here’s the Real Techniques Setting Brush review.


Real Techniques Setting Brush review
Real Techniques Setting Brush
In a Nut Shell
We're talking about the different functions that you can get from one makeup brush. Real Techniques setting brush is my for-everything-brush. It builds up, blend, stretch and finally set.
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Good Quality.
The compact and extensive design of the brush makes it suitable for multiple functions.
Not so soft.
If you have a small face, you might find this one slightly big for blending concealers.


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