Red Seduction Era

“Tailored Mosaic”… really?! and how it’s gonna be.. even that can’t run in my wildest imagines,well.. it just broke all the boundaries, when Mr. Domenico Dolce & Mr. Stefano Gabbana did that collection…

What you were really thinking?! i saw the show live stream and i was telling everyone i know to see it with me because its one in a life time experience, yea it happens twice a year but with the differences in everything, different atmosphere (Ps for my sister and my friend.. you’ve missed a lot btw.. A LOT!) the show was.. yea #AMAZING! they were celebrating Italy like they grabbed the Italy heritage history to life, even the Russian models look so Italian like you can’t tell the different.

The show has started.. Action! first with the breathtaking mosaic dresses flows on the catwalk with a great crown (not tiaras)  those old crown from those ages that i don’t know very much about but i would love to learn more, believe me if i was at the show i would touch the fabrics because from my sitting here its hard to imagine how it feels like.

After a several ones they started to play a little bit with the outfits, put a fluted sleeves lace here with a pencil corset skirt there, A line shape skirt there with the same pattern blouse of the previous dresses here just to give you a glimpse of whats coming next and to keep the fluency of the show…


and here you go.. a gray houndstooth and gray suits with a touch of gold in the accessories for the right combo…


Then black and white will strike you with the gold perfect shoes and belts..


Pale jeweled dresses, tops and Glory Corset have mercy on us please!


White dresses and monochrome with gold everything… so #trendy.


And then the red coat came in and i said to u did Not! oh please god have mercy on us now..and of course as expected it wasn’t just a red coat and the show must go on it was the #RedSeduction Era.


Phenomenal jeweled ruby dresses with chandelier earrings kept coming and i couldn’t resist it so i secretly shed a tear (emotional sucker#)

Then slightly the gold came in again with beautiful patterns and fabrics that i can only imagine ADR & Giovanna Battaglia wearing it…
The final magical walk (i applause in my office and almost got fired… almost)
Probably Dolce and Gabbana the first brand comes to my mind when i think about Milan Fashion Week and it prove me right time after time so thank you for sending me to Italy and bring me home otherwise i didn’t wanna come back.

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