One of my dreams? That I can see girls my age In my country gathered all together at the same place with the idea of  “I’m over skinny jeans”, well it’s not over, technically and personally I still love them.
I remember a guy once said to me, why all the girls wearing the exact same skinny jeans on the streets?

“What do you mean!!?” I replied with an open mouth about to swallow him, but in seconds I woke up from my fantasy island (that includes few members like Kate Moss, Emmauelle Alt, Caroline de Maigret and Erin Wasson in their skinny cool denim) to the Egyptian streets and said, Ahhh those jeans
skinnier than skinny, small to very small zippers aka short rise jean, a size or two smaller than her normal size which gives you horizontal stripes of the fabric all along the legs add to that some flesh hanging on the top of the waistband from both sides Which I called it: the struggled jeans button. —back to our story,
I said, cause it’s “Stylish”.
I hate that word.
The guy wanted to see more wider jeans (no, now the situation got far from just skinny relaxed jeans to the fact that he just had enough with the whole look of it) so I was in front of my laptop and I logged into some wider jeans, no just straight. I didn’t wanna give him a heart attack so i was gentle, just straight normal denim jeans and show it to him, how about that?
“If I saw a girl in front of me wearing something like that, I’ll never let her go.” he said.
It’s that serious yes, and believe me he was not the last one to complain, and they’re not the stylish one, I’m talking normal guys here, but it’s dead simple, they got bored.
Girls here just started to wear more bf, but still in the same category which is: beach, sexy, rolled, filled under: summer jeans only.
I’m not wearing my skinny jeans like I used to be, though they are my size but I wanted the change, all I do now is drop-crotched, boyfriend (wearing it all year around and rolled only if I actually on my way to a beach! (jk) high waist, flare legs, and also straight legs denim uhhh I love that one the most.
And since summer is here, finally (Almost, cause I dared to wear lighter and my body crushed for a whole week) it’s time to do some refreshing at your wardrobe. And for the sick of you man.
I feel like skinny jeans talks direct to you hash tag direct coolness cross the road, but other jeans cuts gives me that free yet sexy feeling, invisible sexiness! Maybe that’s why the guy loved it more (indeed).
I shared with you some of my favorites however after all that talk, I’m still dreaming of having the perfect pair of jeans, and looking as much cool as these girls on any cut.
So Is your skinny jeans your ultimate favorite? or ready to shake your denim wardrobe to the core?
Images: MiH, Jeanstories, ManRepeller, Syle, StuddedHearts, Zara and Tumblr.


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