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The details and the treasures in Egypt are so hard to digest even if you’re living there, you always get distracted by your normal life but eventually you always get back to the roots and what shapes you, even if I’m so clueless when it comes to the city’s history.

I love to get lost in the city, and I mean literally, I don’t know half of the stuff there and always discovering something new every time I go to the old Egypt so that’s the fun part for me!

Here I was at Al-Muizz, an area that has a lot of historical buildings from 1013 to 1839 (from Amr Ibn El As to the Mohamed Ali Era) you can see mosques, schools and houses of old princes and princesses, you feel instant magnification when you walk the street.

These shots from just a couple of mosques and a number of details are countless, the layers of the details in one shot are impeccable. Somehow I always relate it to the garments and the details that I notice on the runway — It’s normal that I relate EVERYTHING to fashion — as I’m thinking of the inspirations that one designer could be inspired by when he goes through the collection, and how some of the marble prints and the ceilings details here reminds me of some collections and pieces! Like Dries Van Noten!! Oh Dries…

Everything’s putting on its place, the proportions exists and it’s all in a display that makes you look at it and see silhouettes and garments prints that you can relate to, and feel like pulling these different details in your daily life, in action! Your outfits, in your style, how this could affect you indirectly — indicates your identity.

An appreciation goes for the architects artists who had spent the time creating these places — As I’m swinging between the golden ceilings, take a moment and look, be inspired of the treasured old side of the city.


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