Remember when there was no Instagram? no cellphones? if someone wants to say hi, they will call you at home, and after 20 min. maximum, you’ll hang up and get back to your normal life?

Remember when work was just work then you get back home at the end of the day to relax, have sometime with your family… now, after cellphones, the nagging doesn’t stop, the home always on fire, because no one won’t answer the other because of the phone that glued to their hands —call me a cellphone with glued girl, because he’s the controller of me here, and when I noticed that, I wanted it sometime alone…

No music to my ears, no Instagram checking every minute, let’s see what we can do without your buddy buddy tonight.

I’ve a continuous headache now, it never stops, sleeping and waking with it, but let’s not but all the fingers on my phone, there’s an endless pressure I put on myself every moment, till I forget to relax, forget about it all.

Even in my weekend I try to have time for my own, I even forgot what relaxes means, maybe a book, putting my phone down, forget about it all for one day, maybe doing nothing, okay let’s do it:

-First you on silent, today, bye phone… I’ll miss you,

-Okay I can’t concentrate in a book because of my headache, a magazine perhaps?

-Mmm, no it’s kinda boring now, let’s have some chillaxing music, okay my music on my phone can i get my phone now?

-Good music… Let’s check Instagram! flipping Instagram… (the damage is already done).

-Omg, Are they together now!?… that’s nice… I wanna be at that dinner party… look at that work, what about your work, did you forgot about it! there’s sooo much to do, you didn’t write that post, the editing still unfinished, also you need to contact…

-Enough! now I’ve more headache, it won’t go away like that, stop questioning yourself because you’re doing good so far, but you really need that time to continue the good work next week, why don’t you get it!?

I end up having zero relaxing time, more pressure on myself, and not doing that good work the next week, all because of that day, all because of my weak willing to have a time for myself. Since when that was an issue!!!?

We all need that relaxing time, relaxing means doing nothing, or what really makes you happy and forget about your work issues, forget about all the world and reconnect with your real self again… you need to be serious in having a time off for yourself just as serious in doing your work, to energize yourself again but the question here, why I can’t do it now? Is it because I want to reach that thing so bad (whatever it is) and I feel like I can’t lose any moment without working or trying different ideas, I really can’t shut off my mind (and it’s harder when you choose carefully what to put out there and what’s your message by that, if I don’t like it I won’t even bother to think about it or post it) but the ideas won’t come clearly, not at all if I didn’t relax. That makes me think, fashion is not always fun, not in this way, not in my way of doing it now.

Do you feel that from time to time? How serious do you take your relaxing time and what do you do on it?


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