In a Previous talk on how to choose an everyday perfect boots —and mine was far from normal and also very basic one— i don’t know why I always find myself going for something that gives a little notch! like the burgundy boots, it’s still basic but have this little something into it, and that goes to the Saint Laurent glittery boots that it almost make me faint every single time i see it, or the black copied one from Zara, or the Valentino red tango with rhinestones pair (still glittery feeling), or even the Fratelli Rossetti unlaced glittery flats, and it just hit me. I’m not so basic when it comes to my shoes choices.

And as far as the talk can go here about that, the only element the combined every pair i wanted this season was glitter, as like i miss shine in my life (hahahaa WHAT! really!!!? what are you talking about!? uhh…), I just loveee glittery shoes, or glittery anything anywhere, just frost me in glitter and let me take it from there!

So in that matter, and because i didn’t even find the copied Zara version of Saint Laurent pair, and because I wanted to paint anything in glitter because the fact is, nobody there accepted my idea of painting myself in one weekend, I’ve passed the idea to my poor phone, which look like a brand new shiny one, All in black, even the screen have little glitters that response to the sunlight very, inspired and fulfilled my dreams of owning something shiny at the moment.

How do you fulfill a dream with other choices? Other than of course, I’m still dreaming of having the glittery pink Saint Laurent pair duh! still don’t know when or where or how, but I’m getting there, glittery step at a time.



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