Last week, I’ve been crazy busy doing nothing, you know those days when you literally wake up and have a million thing to do and when the day is over you ask your pillow what have I done today? what was that thing that was so productive more than working on my blog that kept me busy from the blog!? Everyday I found no answer to that, all I remember is yesterday, because it’s the nearest and that I was at the mall with two of my close friends, and once I entered I had a blank face when I found that all the world knew that summer sale has begun but me! Me people! I mean seriously…

You know what sales time is for me, I’m a truly bargain girl, I could skip a couple of seasons without actually buying anything but in the sale time, which had driven me to buy so many unnecessary things before, but I’m an experience bargain now after so many mistakes.

After my blank face I’d told them my list of the must-see stores before doing anything else (which is eating obviously), my friend interpreted me to see one store first for purchasing that pants that she loved the day before, I got blank again for her not telling me that the sales was days before, but who am I to scream at her? I suppose to be the teller here not the other way around, What am I doing all these hours around the internet anyway ha! ha!??

We got to the store, was my first time to see it, I loved the prices more than I loved myself at this moment, and in this moment you just could sell yourself for the moment, fabric, tag and small number, you feel like every one of us got in her own way in the store and spread her eyes and hands to reach every corner of the store but in the same time the mouth and part of the mind are together to alarm each other of the best stuff you can see, all in one time, and that’s only girls power.

After I got my eyes on my head not on the prices, I needed a moment to focus on what I really neeeeeedddd, nono really what do I really need, wow they’ve a nice lingerie set, yes I neeed a bra and a bikini top, okay I need some jeans and I also need a dress this summer, and something in white, maybe als… STOP! Do you even hear yourself, Passant, go to the lingerie section then leave the store… Immediately!!!!

It wasn’t that easy but I’ve manged to distract myself with finding the right bra size for me and when I choose it my two girls was waiting to get me out of the store without doing something stupid, so store number one: fewwww, done, bags: one, damage: 5/10.

I feel so powerful walking out the store without rethinking was that a good decision to buy all of those stuff, of course it’s sale time and I’ll buy something as long as there are good prices and very good people who’re attacking every piece you want, but I kept my calm and I was proud of myself, until I got to Zara…

Of course I already know more than the half of the designs there and was targeting two shoes I already wanted to buy (ALREADY) one is printed sandals that I would wear everyday and the other is pointy suede basic black shoes that I really adore —see my Mind when convincing me that all the things are basics and essentials and you can’t live without—  so I thought one thing, if I saw one of these I’ll buy it and get out of there too quickly, if not, will do no harm or even look at anything, I’m already on a budget and that white dress is something I want not need —now when Mind get so chic and smart—

When I walked the war at Zara, I was only targeting the shoes until… MAAAARRR!!!, LOOK AT THOSE JEEAANSS, ARE THEY BETTER THAN THE LAST ONE I’VE TRIED ON BEFORE!??… YES THEY AREEE! K! Maybe I’ll just see if it’s fitting… NO!! I’m not buying it, and I don’t think it’s necessary to see the fit if you’re not buying it, but it’s 50% off and I really really love them, I can watch myself on it everyday/night, I even could sleep on it, so comfy, the blue shade of it is amazing and I don’t think there’s something called to many jeans, right?!!! annnddd…

“You’ll regret not buying it.”

(Okay let’s pause here for a second, because if that line crossed your mind, it’ll be the magic pill, you’ll have no control here, what’s up with regret and the sale time, ha! it’s always there, so many stuff I could think of right now I didn’t get seasons ago and I still regret it and if that feeling controlled you, you’ll walk out of the store with literally everything you’ll get your hands on).

Damn you’re right (with that look on your face on the piece like it’s the only thing that ever give you love on earth)…. but naah.

I’m on a budget and I’m not buying it but I want them so bad, okayyy, I’ll let mom buy them for me on my birthday which is one week ahead, yaayyy, good idea!! Omg… I’m turning 25 in just one week… blank again… PASSANTTT look at those sandals! wha… yea prettyyy… Let’s get out of here.

I didn’t buy anything from Zara which happens approximately never in this time of the year. Although I don’t know if my mind was strong enough or I got distracted by the number that I’m turning in just a week, anyway, Zara done, bags: 0 Damage: 25/10.

And if I faced Zara I could face any other store, the rest was just a piece of cake and I stepped out of the mall with just one bag! First day (for me) at sale time was controllable somehow, and I still have my money and a closet not full of new shitty stuff, next time I’ll do the same method, only what I really need even if my mind tried to manipulate me, but I’m still wondering here… Am I turning 25!? I can’t handle such a thought right now, A new perspective! Should I celebrate the big 25 gifting myself everything I could ever think of!? Uhhh damn you mind.

How is your sale time experience so far? How do you control yourself from buying too many stuff you don’t need?


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