Christmas gifts for her

So I Scrolled the Web for a Pre-holiday Preparation

I’ve been scrolling Net-a-Porter like crazy and as it’s healthy for your soul and the atmosphere of the holidays now to get inspiration on what to wear, what to buy, it’s so dragging for your wallet.

I’ve been living in the holiday season more than anyone around me actually, I’m celebrating NYE since September! I celebrate Christmas even if I don’t actually celebrate it with my family, What! the streets celebrating it, Instagram celebrate it, and you can’t take these days away from me or take me away from these days, is that English!?

Did you decorate your tree yet!?

Last year I felt the urge to wear sequins on the same days, and as cliché as it sounds, I proved my point. I believed in velvet when it was trying to take it a place in the fast fashion world, I sabotaged that Zara edit about velvet and did tons of lessons on how to wear everything there —and on Céline if you’re wondering about other lessons— and this year, THIS YEAR. It won’t be any different, the thoughts evolved indeed but the level of the persuasion act these days make to my mind still the same, even higher.

I took it from Net-a-porter then all the web for some inspirations Christmas gifts for her (cough), on what’s new, what will make me feel… you know that OFS@$TQ#JFAJ YEAASSS feeling!!? you know, to just know what is In for the moment (acting cool), and will be for the next two-ish seasons. And I found all of what my eye’s pupil was trying to keep me away from but what my kernels were trying so hard to be with, enjoy, and have a point with.

N0. #1 Mini Skirts, aka, the skirts I need to see how it’ll shape my waist area because I’m sure it’ll be… Out of this world. I didn’t try it on me but I can imagine, only I can imagine and I now started to have a vision, I”m with patent this year without leaving any sequins behind. You see that leather black skirt on that link that Frija’s wearing!? It’s from Zara, and that one too, You’re welcome.

No. #2 Check coats

We’ve already talked about this, but seriously tho, how many times you have in your life left to not wear check coat right now and embrace it, the time is now, right now all I wanna do in life is to wear it with a graphic tee underneath, mini skirt, and some tights, which bring us to

No. #3 The Tights

You know how many I do have and never wear because I’m just a dumb person, and do you know how much I’ve been watching Gossip Girl those days (S5 ep.6) so that influenced me (a bit), other than the fact that I’ve been dying to wear a burgundy pair I want with Number #1 that I’m visualizing in my mind right now, wait… looks pretty rocking!

No. #5 The Shiny feet

That’s where Net-a-porter hit me in the deep man, a roller coaster of satan and leathers aquatinted with feathers, pearls, ruffles and anything screams FUN with the right sole shape for your leg to feel the *feet orgasm* that’s happening to them, that’s what I exactly said yes. and there;s such a thing.

No.#6 The Glue aka more Accessories

The glue of everything, when you feel unbalanced, something missing, it’s an international code for the meaning of ‘she knows what she’s doing” for me, because a lot of times I don’t, that when you’ll find me accessoriz-less. sometimes I feel that my shoes are my best accessories and I don’t need more, I could wear only that and feel complete.
Still, can we please mind this cable-knit wool beanie from Zara as well. I know!
And all of these too, please. Including the Versace ring and earrings that look so classic and could be my next addiction, I NEED them at this moment.

No. #7 Bags

Is where you’ll find me the less interested, even in my wildest imagination, but it comes with a big BUT, I love small ones for mornings and party times —imagine wearing a small purse or a clutch to bring coffee— and my hobo one for my camera, aka, my latest favourite one that looks exactly like a pair of Isabel Marant boots I also need.

No. #8 Your Face Aka The Everything.

Just forget about what I’ve just said and let’s start again, this should be the first thing to talk about here, why? because I’m talking such good care of my face right now and I’m ecstatic about it, I feel the glow babe, I don’t do much but I maintain what I do and I build, I’m taking this relationship this time slowly because last time we broke out, it wasn’t good girl.

Makeup? yea sure, I apply this very very thin brown eyeliner that looks like a shadow which lifts my sleepy eyes a bit. Then I add some naturalizing gloss to lips, yea, it’s fun if I don’t have anything on my face, but if I highlighted my whole face, like a natural glow, I leave my lips nude with the eyeliner and a curled clean eyelashes.

Ok, if we’re talking wild then its a quick smoky, with messy hair, that’s it!

Tell me about your wildest imaginations for the holiday wear this year!? and let’s imagine that there’s acually someone decent out there that’s willing to spend his entire check this month on your gift and googling “Christmas gifts for her” right now for you, shall we! jk, or not. Cheers.


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