Seeking the American Style

Another mind/self conversation about yesterday’s Derek Lam show, Uhh God I missed those convos, apparently i become a schizophrenic person on this time of every year, and those two are on full whack this fashion week! Minnddddddd!!!!! Would you come and say hello!

Self: Today it’s all about Derek Lam, I just love that guy! One of my favorite shows so far!

Mind: Yeah, you just love and i make all the talk, such a Bi*ch!

Self: …So that show inspired by New York Heroines —Katharine Hepburn, Diane Keaton, Mia Farrow and Dianne Wiest. It’s like the American Dream of style.

Mind: It’s the American Style combined with the American dream, both goes on the same direction holding hands. Let’s begin.

It’s clean, in a very rich way, a lot of brown hues with the 70’s vibes that no show didn’t express, but Derek’s way was not like any other.

The details that you can’t left behind you, the rust collar on full navy look, the lines on the tailored trousers, the cuffs, the playing of the proportions on the very best way that speaks 70’s, yet, I’m just feeling so modern on those pieces that I want them all in my closet because I feel my closet is very old right now.

Self: You see how manipulating that is, in 70’s vibes but you feel so close by it’s modernity…

Self: you see that green sweater on beige skirt with the yellow lines and the rust collar? That particular look made me think of starting a new club with Lam yesterday on Instagram called —other hues than gray  aka -winter colors—. He said yes. And we’ll proceed in the project, register now if you like.

Mind: Is this a joke?

Self: No. Plus I don’t want you in, Gosh!

Mind: …will continue with effortless coats and colors of winter that only Lam reminded us of, you can see silhouettes, layers, the shoesssssss! and double-breasted brown coats that I don’t know if it made me reconsider the dark shade of brown as a color in my closet or the double-breasted coat itself all over again.

Thank god I own one white turtleneck that I could get close to what Derek make me wanna go for it, adding to that the second look is what I really want to be in right now, because literally, that brown trousers are talking to me, in a way that I never understood before (you see, I’m kinda a jeans girl).

You know when I think about the American style and how that can actually lead to the ultimate American dream, there’s only one girl in mind comes here, confident, knows and seeks what she wants and get it eventually, and she could wear a full look-like satin pajamas suit and look nothing less than incredible, in fact, she tops them all.

Derek point has been made here, I feel so powerful just by looking at those designs, I walked out of the show (hypothetically speaking) wanting all the trousers, in addition to have an American ideal style. Only in Lam’s kinda way.

Self: Ohh, I Love you Mind…

Mind: Shut up.


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