I always get emotional in September. It’s the little hook that holds everything together.

In September, I always think about priorities, goals, lists, SUMMER, September issues, and fashion shows, oh the fashion shows…

I’ve always dreamt with my friend in every September going together from fashion show to another, from city to city, backstage to presentation. All in couple of afternoon rounds at Zara playing the game of ‘who did that in the real fashion life”.

Add to this September that I’m still in the process of moving, how it could suck your life (if you let it) that you could only think of one thing a day, like purchase the white desk or the black one! Yes, you’d go there.

On this rollercoaster, I quit doing few things at this moment in life, like checking Instagram every time I wake up! I even don’t post on Instagram everyday which is the complete opposite of me or of someone who wants to build her brand and have to be consistent on social media.

When I think of it from that side, I find it a very wild active to do! but that give me the space to be far away from everything (even from my own mind), take a break from your own self and discover the surrounding, I bought a new number when I moved her but I didn’t activate it, I don’t have internet access, service access or whatsoever on my phone! Yet. I let it that way, spend the time with family and learning new things without the attention of learning any, I took a space and looked at things from the opposite angle, and learned a bit about working life (You can learn about work sometimes more when you’re not loaded of work) and generally La Vie and about me. Like;

If you love something you’ve to give it the time, courage to do the hell it.

Stop whining, clinging, moodiness, being hard on yourself and start solving.

Wellness is within communicate with people.

I don’t listen to new songs unless someone say to me Listen to this, now playing Gotye -heart’s a mess, after was Wizard -only you, see! Suggestions are welcomed.

Work on what you love, work and work and work without looking for something back, it’s the hardest thing but if you want to reach something you’ve to put the work into it.

The whole purpose is to be happy, I’ll be happy when I evolve to the best version of me while having fun, that happens by putting my heart here on the blog, and all of me out there.

Drinking lemon water with a spoon of honey the first thing in the morning, activates the metabolism and gives a glowy skin, little did I know.

Having a flower in front of you gives you hope in life, even artificial ones.

Summer is not over. Let this be a state of mind.

Redefining minimal life.

I don’t know what the hell I’m doing but I know it’s right.

Is September special for you in anyway? And What you’ve been up to lately?


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