I’ve always loved face masks, it’s my ultimate pampering when I take half the day just to indulge with my face and the ingredients that I could put on, mask sheets comes after natural masks for me, but it’s faster and for the lazy days people me, you just open, put, wait with relaxation, 10 minutes and you’ve got a happy breathing face!

Of course there’s SKI II but! what I really love is when I choose between a 100 cheap mask sheets (there’s pearls and collagen sheets now that I really wanna see their results on my skin, have you tried it?), when I know that maybe they all are the same but i just love the packaging, the difference of the smells and how they can fool me to buy it all, still, it’s never bad to nourish and firm your skin with the nutritional essence on these sheets, if I could do it twice a week, I’m more than fine.

However, if you told me what to choose: a honey mask sheet, or to brush your kitchen honey with two drops of milk with eggs white all over your face? I say: I never buy a pure honey face mask, ever. That simple. What’s the point anyway! #MindParadoxes

So what about you? Do you love drug store mask sheets? or you use your kitchen more often?

Acai Berry sheet mask from The Face Shop.


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