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Shells Are the New French Basket This Summer

I don’t know about you, but I can’t scroll Instagram without seeing shells all over my feed. On the beach, because yes, vacation time ain’t over yet, on clothes, necks which is the best form Puka shells took in my opinion. On rests, on ears, even on bags…etc. We’re producing shells pieces massively as much as the ocean can throw on us. Like last summer was all about Jane Birken french basket, this summer is all about 90’s mood, with every little detail from it.

When I first saw it in Prada Fall 2017, I knew it’ll be a significant hit. Then it showed up at Prada men Spring 2018, then again on Louis Vuitton men’s Spring 2018 so I don’t think it is going anywhere soon, if any, we’ll see it even more next summer.

I can imagine wearing the shells jewelry with winter clothes to reflect the paradoxical feel I have about winter. Hating winter, sticking to summer is one of the best components to survive winter. This will give me the feeling of eternal summer, that’s what I demanded after all didn’t I? A year-round Tulum beach feeling is what everyone wants am I right!?

Some of my favorite jewelry brands that mastered the shell trend are Tohum By Verda Alaton, Wald Berlin by Dana Roski and Brinker & Eliza. You can also find affordable pieces at Mango or DIY you own shell necklace as Anna Rosa Vitiello did! It’s all just bellissimo!!

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