If I will choose what I want my hair to look like,

I will choose to experience the lightness of the air throw my scull and pixie it! I’ve never experienced that… always have big head, heavy hair, but i like it anyway, It’s my “thing” you know, “Passant with long blonde hair” was my description in high school, though it’s brunette, people here give me that illusion that i’m blonde just because I’ve lighter color and i like it haha, (i know i’m not blonde), anyway, i’m board, i can’t stand my hair anymore, the cut is always the same, and it looks the same (dull), and my laziness can’t reach any creative ideas to do anything with it (my daily hair look now is a bun. Period), so I’m thinking BANGS!

My bangs now have reached my shoulders, yea I don’t have any anymore, so what if i cut it, being like Freja or Carolina de Maigret for a second! uhhh can you believe it!, but i’m still hesitating (what if it looks awful? should i stay home till it grows back?! what if it makes me look so innocent like Zooey? i don’t have problem with that! I’m in love with her, but it’s just not me) but today I’ve discovered the women i like the most, have this bang (Nonono Daria is just something else), and yes it’s short but after a while, it will be like Anja Rubik bangs, so it’s good even when it’s taller, So Should I..!?

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