Should you buy a long summer dress to wear for fall?

Should You Buy A Long Summer Dress To Wear For Fall?

Social media can influence you in many ways. Even if you really hate something you can’t help but find yourself ramble about it often. For me, it’s the fall outfit talks. I don’t like to talk about the subject, we’re still in summer for crying out loud! I still feel hot most of the times and have the air conditioner open 24/7. Still, with all of that, I can’t help it but find myself talk, comment, argue on the best fall outfits I can make here (obv, I have to because it’s my work to help you think in advance about it but still…) and looks options I can talk about anywhere. In another word, I’m adapting and I’m the last one to adapt.

I styled myself with this long dress yesterday and I know this outfit only came to life because of all the fall talk! I still have so much summer talk/ inspo to give like this one for example:

But for now, I got hooked with this military green unsymmetrical dress. I wore it with sneaks and believe me, I’m not a sneaks gal, I’m a slides gal! I could’ve worn a midi dress but this one looks much better. Because it kinda elongates my legs and it’s only because the shot angle made me feel this way. I look even taller IRL. I ensemble with my red cheap-but-so-rich-on-eyes red bag and a red tee because I still can’t, won’t get over red anytime soon.

And if you still wanna talk about fall, the comment section is for that. I could, for example, wear that with a sweater on top, and a pair of boots but let’s not get carried away and leave it just like this for the moment. ORRR I could show you how to wear it in different styles in fall! Wait for it!

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