Simple Curly Hair Routine For Summer

My Simple Curly Hair Routine For Summer

Can I say that I’m fond of my hair? I’ve been counting my hair blessings lately, its texture not so smooth nor so kinky, so there are much more style opportunities for it. There’s a lot of it. I haven’t taken much care of it recently and when I decided to get back and look at it, it responded well. I appreciate it every day for tolerating my uncaring habits.

Looking to the mirror… But if I got mean here, I will tell you all the other stuff that I struggle from. Uncontrollable frizz, there’s too much of it, so I can’t handle it. It can get a bit funky (a lot) for some events. It is so dense, I wake up and it’s still wet until afternoon. And it’s more frizzy than curly. Also, I don’t have that many resources, ideas, or tips on the internet as other curly hair kinds. Mostly it’s all about type 3 and 4 around the internet. And I’m falling in type 2 (more of a B).

I’ve learned through trails and errors on how to style my curly hair in a decent way. My current curly hair routine is simple and quick for summer. I don’t shampoo every time I wash my hair, more of two-three times a week. I can’t recommend a shampoo brand for curly hair, because I’m not following the trend of using sulfate-free shampoos. So I use drugstore’s and I’m fine with it because I haven’t seen much different when I used sulfate-free before (for months, yes).

I use OGX coconut milk conditioner, it’s so rich. I alternate with the Quenching Coconut Curls Conditioner because it gives more defined curls. Then I comb it out in the shower, rinse it, but not all the way. If I rinsed too much, I’ll add a dollop to the crown of my head. Because that where I feel my hair most dry and that’s where the water first and mostly hit your head when you rinse. I then try to get the excess water off and wrap it with a shirt. I use a styling cream, put it in braids, three on each side, I try to braid it from the top of my head in a French braid because that’s where my hair tends to flat.

For the products I use for styling, I go for weightless curly hair products, especially in summer, I hate oils and oils hate me, so I never put oil on my hair. However, If it’s a small amount that will help to mix a certain mask, or if I want to tame baby hair in sleek style, I do it. I use almond or marula oils in these cases.

Since I’m living now in the Gulf area, the weather is so humid. So my main focus will be on frizz control. The best styling curly cream I have used so far is DevaCurl Styling Cream. It’s not that cheap, but it’s the best curly hair product out there, and you only need one for styling (don’t you for a simple curly hair routine for summer?). It’s rich, holds my curls without leaving a cast or weight down my curls. I get it out of the braids, and scrunch it from the roots but not from the ends because it gets more frizzy. It takes then the shape I want —not perfect but perfect, undone in a way I like it, but with a definition here and there.

On the third day, when my hair tends to sleep again at the crown, I spray it with a bit of water, and the styling cream gets refreshed by just this simple step. I flip upside down and scrunch a bit for more volume. Also from the roots.

Some people are allergic to Deva curls ingredients. A great alternative is Rahua Control Cream Curl Styler. Also, my sister loves Cantu curling cream, but I didn’t that much.

After the first day before sleep, I put my hair in a loose pineapple, and try not to think about it. The following morning, I just let it be. It’s called natural curly hair after all, right?

Once a week, I deep condition using SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curling Gel Souffle. I set in the steamer with it for 10 minutes or so, and my hair comes out luxurious. I do a lot of my beauty regimen stuff in the steamer but that’s for another talk.

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